Source Point Therapy ®

Healing Energy Medicine from the Source

You may have heard our bodies are made up of energy.  It is true that all matter is made up of a collection of energy.  In today’s fast paced busy world filled with stress, electronics, and other devices that may disturb our energy field, it is important to bring connection and The Four Point Matrixawareness between the human body and our energy field.  While we used to believe that our bodies ended at the skin’s surface, it is now clear we live within our personal energy field that extends several feet around us.

Source Point Therapy is a simple non-invasive energetic approach to healing.  It is based on our personal energy field connecting with a larger matrix that offers us the Universal Blueprint for Health.  The blueprint convey’s the information of order, balance, harmony and flow necessary for optimum health.

When there are blocks in the energy field this can result in a breakdown of communication and in turn our body suffers.  Our body then does not have the information it needs to know what the problem is or how to make adjustments to bring the body back into complete health.   Our health is then compromised and such things may occur such as: chronic pain in the muscular and skeletal structure, systemic dysfunction in any of the 10 body systems, a loss of vitality and disease manifesting in our body, diminishing our quality of life.

During a treatment session I will utilize a series of techniques to diagnose and clear obstructions.  This involves a scanning process of the client’s energy field to locate the obstructions.  Then some Rolfing techniques may be used to clear these blockages allowing the information of the blueprint to heal the body.

Source Point Therapy is a gentle, soothing approach to healing that balances and allows the natural flow of energy throughout the whole body.  Source Point Therapy leads the practitioner to the source of the pain and dysfunction while providing relief for the symptoms.

Clients have reported feeling free from pain, energized, grounded and extremely relaxed after a session.  I have treated clients with cancer and they have reported freedom and ease of pain.  Some have also reported menstrual and digestive dysfunction healed as well as vertigo and other ailments that have been known difficult to treat.

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